Week Ten: Spanish Parties, Spanish Food, and FEASTING (on the Word of God)

All the Mexicans are rubbing off on me...

November 24, 2014
Hey guys!!
My brother James on his baptism day -
with my family back in Virginia.

How is it going?? James – Little Bro!!!! I am so proud of you for getting baptized!  I can’t believe you’re already eight years old.  And that is awesome that you read 5 chapters in your new scriptures the very next morning!!! That is so great. It brought tears to my eyes.

I am having so much fun out here. I can’t believe how fast time is going though...we are already in week 5 of the mission...? What the heck?? But this week was fun. We had zone conference all day on Wednesday, so that was very motivating and fun. Lots of good stuff learned there. The weather is pretty cold here...like 40s and 30s all day. When the sun is out it’s not too bad, but if it is a cloudy day then we just about freeze walking in between appointments and stuff. 

Verduzco and me at the party
On Friday we had a Thanksgiving party for our little group and the Rama Vista, and it was so much fun!! Lots of great Spanish food and Spanish fun.  And we had another party yesterday for one of our little investigators. Hector and Crista (aka the Flores Family) has 5 kids, and their little girl turned 6 yesterday! They couldn’t afford a cake so we took one over and sang happy birthday and also shared a few short object lessons with them. They loved it. They are a great family who I think has lots of potential. They are just not very consistent. Every time we plan a church tour or a lesson, they always have something pop up. So we have found that not planning and just showing up is actually better. 

The English ward that we are part of is a great ward. The only problem is that they need more  strong families, which is something our ward at home has a lot of. So like with this Flores family, I wish there was a family to have FHE (Family Home Evening) with them or something, but it doesn’t work!! I was actually thinking about it the other day and the Jones family (Waide and Penny's family) would be perfect to work with them!! I don’t know all of the kids’ ages of the Jones family, but the oldest kid in the Flores family is about Zach's age so I thought that would be a perfect fit!!  But oh well.

We demolished that freakin bush in like 30 mins
with the Lira Family
The Lira Family is awesome too. They are moving into their remodeled house this December, and will live in our area. They are a great family with a lot of potential, and they have given us great opportunities to serve them. We have become quite close with them. I posted a picture of us tearing out bushes in their yard. We haven’t had too many teaching opportunities so far because most of our time with them is spent doing service. But we have left with them a Book of Mormon and they said they would read the introduction, so we will see what happens there.

So because this week is Thanksgiving, it has been on my mind a lot. And when we think of Thanksgiving, what do we think of? I think of FOOTBALL and FEASTS! And in the scriptures, in chapter 31 and 32 of 2nd Nephi (in the Book of Mormon) it tells us to FEAST on the words of Christ. And we often hear that “we are what we eat,” so if we FEAST on the words of Christ (like my awesome brother, James, showed us how to do) then we can become spiritual giants. And this can help us share the gospel with others and bring them the same happiness that we enjoy.  

I love you guys. Thanks for all the support you guys give me. 

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

Elder Richmandawg

Service project - unloading food for the needy in the area
Lesson learned from Elder Rivera...
don't spill water ALL over your seat and then forget about it.

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