Week 25 - Transfer to Cold Springs, NV

March 9, 2015

Saying goodbye to Adrian
Well sadly, I am no longer serving in Spanish. This past week has been a little harder for me. It was my first time getting transferred into a new area, and it has been hard, especially the first few days were rough. I really miss my old area, and speaking Spanish, and living close to other missionaries to get together to workout in the morning and stuff. I was overtired and a little homesick, but I have gotten used to it all, and I’m quite excited about the ward and the way things are moving, and like President Hermansen told us last Zone conference: "There is no comfort in the growth zone, and there is no growth in the comfort zone." So I am out of my comfort zone, but that’s ok because the Lord is growing me!  I am serving in Cold Springs, NV – which is a little town with nothing but a 7-11, a liquor store and a LOT of houses. We live in a huge double-wide trailer that is way too big for the two of us, but at least we each have our own bathrooms!!  

Two baptisms in my new area
This week has been pretty crazy, actually. We have been busy doing random Zone Leader stuff, like doing baptismal interviews, and some stuff for President. We have yet to have a full day of proselyting!! Wednesday will be our first full day. But we actually had two baptisms yesterday/Saturday! Two teenagers were baptized. It wasn’t quite as exciting as Juan and Laura for me, because I hadn't really met them before Saturday.  But it was memorable nevertheless.

Transfer Day
But our area is actually quite a nice area. There are a few trailers, but mostly lots of middle-class houses. I have only seen one person that I could speak Spanish too, aside from the returned missionary who just got back from Peru like 8 weeks ago (and he has already been married for 4 of them!!!!)  But because our area has had really really good missionaries for a while, (it has been the ZL area for almost 2 years), the area is pretty exhausted. Everyone on the ward list has been contacted a few times, and Elder Klingensmith (my new comp) said that he has tracked most of the streets in our area and knocked most doors. (He has been here for 5 transfers). So basically the opposite of the area I came from, which I opened up. But, nonetheless the area has been consistently baptizing ever since it has been a ZL area. I hope to keep that up, and we fasted yesterday that we can find a family of 4 this month that can be baptized next month. I know that as long as we stay busy and work hard, the Lord will bless us. 

At MLC (mission leadership council...once a month meeting with all the zone leaders), President was talking about how the only thing that he put on the shelf to use again when he gets back from his mission is his 20.5' Glastron Ski boat!!!! So it is a sign that we need to follow in President's footsteps and be as righteous as he is and buy a boat. ...cough cough DAD....

I love you guys. I love getting the letters and pictures from everyone, it makes my day when I do!!! Thank you for all of your love and support. Have a great week!!!

Elder Todd

Saying goodbye to Walfer and Rosa

Saying goodbye to Veronica and her family!
Super messy desk...trying to pack up all my stuff
from the old apartment

Sparks Zone run in the morning
With Juan and Laura and Elder Short
Saying goodbye to Juan and Laura and Adrian
Doing all the stinkin dishes

Elder Short and me
Moving apartments...without a truck

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