Week 29 - Word from COLD Springs

Cold Springs...my domain!
April 6, 2015
Hello YALL!

Elder Johnson and I...in the snow! 
What’s up?? Happy Easter!! How is life back in VA or wherever you are reading this?? Is it spring yet there?? Because it WAS spring here two weeks ago, but now we are back into winter. I think Heavenly Father played an April Fools joke on us, because I was on exchanges with Elder Johnson and it started snowing. And then we drove back to swap back with them and it was coming down!! And when we woke up Thursday morning, there was like half an inch of snow on the ground!! Like what the heck?? It’s been a little cooler here, and I am hoping for warmer weather!!

Mom...quick question...How do you do all that you do?? We are working with a few moms, who, like you, are super busy running around kids and school and some even work part time. Most of them put the church on the back burner and don’t read the scriptures often and don’t attend church regularly. So I just want to get your opinion on how you do it!! Because maybe I can share some of your ideas with the women that we work with. Sometimes I wish you could be my companion for a day and let you do all the teaching to some of the people we work with, because you would be perfect!! Oh well haha.

I got to watch "Meet the Mormons" this week! It is out on DVD (btw, can you send it to me so we can watch it with investigators and stuff) and President Hermansen told us that we should watch with the people we’re teaching. I thought it was great!! Honestly after watching it, it made me miss football like no other and made me want to coach when I get home!! I also loved the story at the end about the single Mom and her son.  That was great.  Here's a link to the "Meet the Mormons" trailer - the movie is incredible:

So General conference was awesome!! We were able to watch all 5 sessions with people we are teaching, and so it was fun! (How bout those bozos who screamed NO in response to the sustaining, huh??) Obviously a HUGE focus on families and marriage. It made me so grateful for the wonderful family that I have been blessed with. The only thing our family lacks is a beautiful ski boat...(Pops took care of that for a while but now someone else needs to step up...)

Old friends at the MLC
How is the missionary work back at home in the Goose Creek ward?? Have we had any new converts recently?? Are the Elders back at home working hard?? I sure hope so. I am actually excited to go out with them when I get home, I think that would be a lot of fun.

Well Happy Easter! I hope that we all have had the chance to reflect back upon our Savior and His sacrifice for us, and truly the greatest miracle of all time, his resurrection. It is magnificent. I know that as we strive to follow his example, and grow to become more like him that we will be lifted up at the last day, and through his grace we can receive exaltation. I know that he is Our Redeemer, and our Savior and our brother and that he loves us. I am so grateful for him and love him so much. I consider it an honor to wear his name on my heart everyday as a constant reminder of who I am representing.

Well I love you guys!! You are great!! Thanks for your prayers. I truly can feel that strength that can comes through your prayers. I don’t know what I would do without it.

Elder Todd
The child of a recent convert who works on ski boats for a living
has the same heart as mine...a Lego boat and trailer and truck!!!
I about died when he showed me!
More old friends
On exchanges with Elder Johnson
Cold Springs!!

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