Week 79 – A Week of Miracles

With Elder Han and Elder Krey!
March 21, 2016
What’s up everyone?? Happy Spring!

This week has honestly been one of the best weeks of my whole mission! We saw SO many miracles each day. I have never found so many prepared people as during this past week. It seems like every corner we turned there was someone waiting for us to come, and just about everyone we talked to accepted our invitation to learn more about and strengthen their faith in Jesus Christ. Literally…Elder Han and I couldn't believe it at sometimes how awesome it was.

It was beautiful weather for most of the week, and so we hopped on our bikes and did a lot of biking. I love to bike – especially when we have beautiful spring weather outside! The blossoms on the trees are all popping out right now and it is so much fun to be outside. Nice weather makes missionary work twice as fun. Thursday was St. Patrick’s Day and the bus system here let everyone ride the bus for free after 4pm on Thursday, so we took advantage of that and didn't use our car on Thursday again.  We just biked into town and then took the bus back at home that night.

Making transfer calls last night
Last night, we got the transfer information and sent it out to everyone, and Elder Han and I get to stay together for another transfer! We are super excited, especially because we have found lots of solid people, and now we want to start teaching all of them and help them progress! This past transfer has been a ton of fun, and we had a great zone. Honestly our zone was very unified and we all got along great together. But although we are losing some solid people, we are also getting some awesome missionaries transferred in – so it’s all good.

The awesome Reno Zone
Most of the investigators that we have been working with this past transfer have really stopped progressing for the most part. We haven't met with the Luciano family in three weeks, and we haven’t seen Beba and Otto either. Its kinda too bad, because everyone we have been teaching has shown tons of potential, but Satan works hard to keep us from meeting with them…whether it be work or school or other things that impede us from getting together. It is really sad, but that is why we always have to be constantly finding new people to teach, so our teaching pool never dries up.

Lots of people have been asking me how is it serving back in Spanish again? And to be honest, I LOVE it. The Hispanic population is so loving right off the bat. I certainly felt the love from the members from the moment I arrived here in the branch.  It is great. As far as actually speaking the language, there has definitely been a learning curve, and when I first got here it felt like I jumped on a treadmill that was already going at like 8mph, so I had to jump on and get going quickly, but finally now things have slowed down and I feel like I can express myself in Spanish. I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have been blessed with to learn a whole new language on my mission! I hope that I can use the Spanish language for the rest of my life.

Making breakfast for Sister Chesnut's birthday
This past week was Sister Chesnut's birthday, so the Reno Zone decided to get together for morning sports and then Elder Han and I cooked the zone and Sister Chesnut breakfast. We fried up a bunch of eggs and bacon and pancakes for everyone. It was actually a ton of fun to have the zone together and the Chesnuts in the morning, it was a big hit! #RenoZone4Life

I can echo the words of Nephi in the first verse of the Book of Mormon when he says, "I, Nephi, having been born of goodly parents..." I love my parents. I am so grateful for the opportunity that they have given me to grow up in the gospel. I am willing to argue with anyone that I have the best parents in the world. They both have very busy lives but they somehow balance their church responsibilities, a full time job, coaching and teaching sports and musical instruments, AND raising the 5 children who are still at home, while managing to find

time to write letters and send packages to me. They have been my coaches, my role models, my teachers, and my best friends. Training a new missionary is considered the most important leadership position someone can hold, because their trainer shapes who they will be for the rest of their mission...whether they are a lazy missionary, or a hard-working and diligent missionary. The same is true with parents, except like 100x more important...they are our trainers for life!
  We often meet teenagers and kids who are not respectful and very immature, and 99% of the time their parents are to blame. I got so lucky to have two awesome parents who have taught me and raised me in the Gospel. This is the best gift that anyone can give. I know that there is nothing more that I want for my future family than to follow in my parents’ footsteps and marry someone in the temple of God and bless my children with the Gospel as well.

Breakfast and morning sports for Sister Chesnut's bday
That is about all for today, I wish I had more time to go into detail about all of the miracles finding people to teach, but maybe next week! 

I love you guys! The Church has never been more true! Try not to have too much fun without me in Rosemary beach!  (Nevada is better anyways.)


Elder Todd

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