Week 85 – Transfers!!

Last time sending out transfer calls!
May 2, 2016
Hey everyone!!

Well transfers are tomorrow, and sadly, Elder Han and I are getting split up. It is really sad because Han and I have worked super hard together and it has been pure fun the whole time. I am going to miss him. He is getting transferred to Elko to be a Zone Leader out there. I am staying in the Sierra Branch, and I am getting a new missionary to train! I haven't met him yet – so I don't even know his name, but I am really excited. We are going to have a blast. 

MJ - Thanks for the awesome letter, you are going to be an awesome missionary, I can't wait!! I am glad that you had the opportunity to do a mini mission for a day, those are great experiences to prepare the youth for a full-time mission!

Mom - That was a great talk that you gave, thanks for making me look like such a rockstar missionary haha! I wish I could've been there for the whole meeting, it sounds like it was great!

Dad - Thanks for your letter to me, and for sharing those spiritual experiences with me, I love it! 

I am so grateful for a family that has the gospel. I love hearing about what you are all studying, and about all of the spiritual experiences you are having. It keeps me motivated.

Putting our bikes on the bus
Elder Han and I had a hunch that we were getting transferred this past week, so we definitely tried to make the most of it together. We worked our tails off, and on Saturday we did another car-fast, and used the money that Mom sent us to ride the bus! We've been wanting to do another bus day, but we have just been too busy, until this past Saturday. It was a ton of fun. 

So the work continues to move forward and progress in our area, it is incredible. 

The Luciano's 17-year-old daughter is all set to be baptized in 2 weeks. Her family is up and down, but they always sit in and listen to the lessons. The daughter really drives the family, she is always telling them to come to church and read the scriptures.  She is awesome! She went to prom this past weekend with two laurels in the branch, and had a really fun time. She is making some friendships in the branch, and it is way fun to see. The Relief Society President in the branch took the three girls to prom, and apparently on the way, the Luciano's daughter was saying how she wants to serve a mission, and then marry a "guapo" guy from the church. We got really excited when the RS President told us about that, because that shows that she is for reals, and she wants to be a member and live the gospel, and she isn't just that way around us. We are excited for her.

Mowing Francisco's lawn
Francisco is doing well. We went over and mowed his lawn the other day, and one of the Senior missionaries from the office, Elder Baclyon, came and brought his lawn mower. Francisco loved it, because he saw that truly the church is a support system. He is reading the Book of Mormon regularly and praying, but he still works on Sundays. He got a new job in hopes that he wouldn't have to work on Sundays, but he still does. However, he told us a few days ago that on his application he marked that the only day he couldn't work was Sundays...so if his schedule doesn't change he is going to tell the manager about that. He doesn't want to cause any trouble because he just started working there, and doesn't want to come across as the new guy who comes in and makes all these demands. We are praying that he can get Sundays off soon, so he can attend church again.

Elder Han and I with Elder Baclyon
This past Friday, we were walking up to an investigator’s house, and out of the apartment where we were about to knock, walked a mother with her children – but inside the apartment, there were like 20 people and it was really crazy. We introduced ourselves to the mom walking out, but then she had to go and we were quickly distracted by all of the other people in the apartment. We left because the investigator we were looking for was busy.

Later in the day, we decided to go back to that apartment because we had a few free minutes, and the same mother we met earlier was climbing into her car. She saw us and stopped, and told us that she wanted us to come by, and even gave us her address and phone number. We were shocked, but then asked when she was available. She invited us over to her home right then, but we already had 2 other appointments in the next ten minutes, so we told her maybe, but we would be in contact. The other 2 appointments we had at that time both fell through, so we zipped over to this mother's home.

My study corner
We knocked on the door, and the father opened the door and was kinda puzzled, but then the mother popped out of nowhere and invited us in. We went in and began talking with them, and then after a few brief moments of "get to know you talk" we started with a prayer. The mother invited her 5 children into the family room for the opening prayer, and all 5 children stuck around for the whole lesson. It was AWESOME!!! The whole family is on board for everything, and they opened up and explained to us that they grew up Catholic, but didn't really believe much in it and didn't agree with some of the beliefs in the Catholic Church. They agreed to be baptized when they came to know that the church was true. Han and I were shocked, another solid family that just fell into our laps. To make things even better, the Aguilar Family invited us over for dinner tomorrow night. Han and I left their home just in awe at what miracles we have been seeing lately. 

My desk
A scripture that has been on my mind a lot lately comes from John Chapter 8, verse 29,

"And he that sent me is with me: the Father hath not left me alone; for I do always those things that please him."

Obviously this is Jesus Christ talking, but it applies to all of us. I LOVE the line, "For I do always those things that please him." Jesus Christ did exactly what Heavenly Father wanted, thus he and the Father are "one" in purpose. Nobody else can fulfill that commission, to be perfect, but we can all try. I am grateful for powerful scriptures like this one, that can remind me to choose the right, and to choose to do those things "that please Him." I know that Heavenly Father really is happy and pleased when we choose to follow the commandments, and when we choose to be happy. That is what he wants. I invite all of you to think about the things that you are doing in your life and the choices you are making and think, "Is this something that would please God?" I can promise you that your overall well-being will increase as you do so. I have experienced this in my own life.

The church is true, folks! I am so grateful for the opportunities that I have to share it with others. 


Elder Todd
My planner BEFORE we do our nightly planning session 
My planner AFTER we do our planning

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