Week 14 - Feliz Navidad!

Cereal galore!!!! (The 5th Day of Christmas) 
Thanks MOM!!!
December 22, 2014
Feliz Navidad!!

I cannot believe Christmas is THIS week!! I feel like I was just talking to you guys when I was at the airport in October!! But I am excited to talk to you guys!! This was another great week. We had more success this week than last week, which isn’t saying much but we had a great week!

On exchanges with Elder Guttierez
Because Rivera is the district leader, he has to go on exchanges with every elder in our district, which means I get to go on exchanges too! This week we did three exchanges, and so I spent a day with each of these Elders: Hortal, Gutierrez, and Choi!  It was fun because I stayed in our "home" area and those guys came over with me.  It was cool because then I got to show them and teach them about our investigators and I was like the leader for those days! Thankfully all of those guys speak Spanish so that wasn’t an issue, but Exchange days are like miracle days as Rivera says. I used to hate exchanges, but I have come to love them! We had so much success on exchange days.

with Elder Hortal
Elder Hortal and I had a GREAT lesson with Juan and Laura. Our lesson material was actually all over the place, and it didn’t go as we planned, but that to me was just a testimony that we were being led by the Spirit, because we were jumping all over the place!  At the end Juan was telling us how he has friends that are Jehovah’s Witnesses and how he feels something completely different when he is with us, and how he trusts us and has confidence in us. Laura backed him up and was like, “yes – ever since you guys knocked on our door, he has had this ‘thirst for Christ,’” as she said. I could barely believe my ears because I've heard so many people tell me that investigators will feel the Spirit but not know what it is – they will just know that it is a different feeling.  I didn’t believe it, but now I have seen it come true and it is wonderful. We had a comeback appointment set with them, but then she called and canceled cuz she was sick...which she was...her voice sounded terrible over the phone...which was disappointing that they canceled but we are still super excited about them.

Flat tires on the streets and on the roofs!
For one of the days that Rivera and I were together, we were having just the worst luck and NOBODY that we went to see was home!  But then we were driving around and we passed a girl with a flat tire, so we went back and helped her change it.  (Actually, we did all the work haha!)  She told us we could come back sometime and talk to her family, so that was fun. And then we were driving along and Rivera said like a few different times "Man, I feel like there is someone else with a flat tire that needs our help!" and I was like yea maybe we will find them! So we just went on with our day, and sure enough – like 2 hours later, we came across ANOTHER person with a flat tire, and we were able to help them change it too!!  Both people we helped were Hispanic people, which was super fun!!  I got to grow more of my mechanic vocabulary. And it was so cool to see that Elder Rivera was right!!  Of course it is fun to change tires...I'm glad Dad taught me how to!!!

Came home one day and had FIVE
packages stacked up on my desk!
Well that’s all I have for right now!! You guys are the best. The other three elders that I live with love it when I get packages cuz there is usually something in there for them!! The others have all gotten like one or two packages and I have gotten like 10 or so haha. But it’s all lots of fun. I can’t wait to talk to you guys on Christmas!!!

Elder Todd

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