Week 15 - Skyping the Fam on Christmas!!

December 29, 2014

It was so much fun to talk to you guys on Christmas!!!!! It really was. It was fun to see you all again, and see how you guys are doing!  

Playing Monopoly with the Span Ams on Christmas
The rest of the day was lots of fun. After I hung up we played monopoly for a little bit and then went to the party for the rest of the day. it was at the institute building on the UNR campus, and it was really fun. President was there and he is SUPER good at ping pong haha. And we watched the movie "courageous" which was a good movie. Then that's about it, we went home and called it a day. But thank you again for all of the gifts and Christmas candy and stuff, it was really a fun day!! and of course it was super fun to talk to you guys.

At the temple with Rivera and Eduardo
Saturday we were able to go to the temple and do baptisms!! One of the guys who we teach got baptized the weekend before we got transferred in, and so we got to take him with the rest of the youth in our ward up to the temple, and it was so much fun!!  Although nothing against the Reno temple, but our temple we have back at home in DC is like 100x bigger! The Reno temple is really small, but it is super new and nice. Rivera and I had the chance to do baptisms in Spanish.  It was super cool.  
With Elder Brush

We had Elder Brush, one of the ZLs (Zone Leaders), with us for a day, and he is super cool. He loves trucks and trailers and boats and so we already scheduled a hangout session when I get home. He is going to take me to Lake Powell. I told him we can take my boat, so please don't let me down and make sure we have a boat by the time I get home...........

Last night we had a GREAT lesson with Hector and Alissa, the couple who agreed to baptism. Rivera and I left and as soon as we were out of hearing range we started dancing and singing and making fools of ourselves because we were so excited for them!! The only problem is that we are going to pass them off to the English Elders...which is a downer because we want to teach them, but I know that this isn't Elder Todd’s mission, it is the Lords mission so he knows what’s best for them.

One thing that I have come to love is when I read my book of Mormon every morning, I often come across passages and verses that are highlighted, and they look like crap cuz I scribbled them and stuff, but the verses are great!! And it just made me so thankful that growing up you read the scriptures with me and had me highlight all the good stuff. So thank you guys for teaching me that and have me do that.

Well that's about all for this week! I am SO thankful for such a wonderful, supportive family that sends me tons (literally) of candy and gifts. You guys are the best!! I love and miss you guys!

Elder Todd

Family Christmas Picture!
Best Christmas present ever!!
My family sent me a little box of Legos...
a Lego SUV with jet-skis and trailer!
In the car with Elder Rivera and Elder Brush
Did I mention we had LOTS of candy???

Christmas Day Missionary Party
Got to see my MTC Homie Sister Pearson at the Christmas party!
My desk with all my stuff
Chef Elder Todd making eggs, sausage,
and muffins on Christmas morning

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