Week 33 - Rebuilding Fences...and No More Speeding!

Dinner with the Awesome Davis family!
May 4, 2015

My man Elder Nieves was called as a Zone Leader -
so I got to see him at Mission Leadership Conference (MLC)
What’s up everyone??? How is life?? What’s the weather like back East?? The weather here is GREAT. Seriously, it is perfect. It is a lot like the weather at the cabin in Utah, because we are in the High Desert here, so cool nights and hot afternoons. We basically live in a tin can, with no insulation, so our place is hot as heck in the afternoons, and we don’t have an A/C. But thankfully we are never home in the afternoons so we don’t have to worry about that! Although at the end of this transfer, they are shutting down our massive trailer, and we will be relocating to some apartments on the other side of our area...I will certainly miss it, but will be excited to be back into a living area that has some real carpet! (Although apparently a lot of the apartments have bed bugs, so we will see about that.....) But no worries, mail can come to me for the next two weeks or so, I will let you know when to stop sending stuff.

Me and Elder Krey
As far as missionary work goes, Krey and I had a great week. SIX new families came out of the woodwork this week, and each one has expressed a significant amount of interest in the gospel. Two of them are part-member families, where the husbands are inactive members. The other 4 we found just by talking with everyone! We are very excited about each of them. Some of the families are more interested than others, but nonetheless they are all interested. Each family has a wife and a husband and at least one child, and they are all super young families!! It is such an answer to fasting and prayers, because last transfer Klingensmith and I fasted twice that we could find a new family to teach...and now we have not one, not two, but SIX!!! We are super stoked. I have never been as excited to be a missionary as I am right now. I will certainly keep you posted on how each of them progress, but please keep those families in your prayers!

Krey and I just chillin in our car
(now fully-equipped with a TIWI box to monitor our speed
...tells us to slow down and all!)
Every mission vehicle had these new TIWI boxes installed on their cars, and they monitor speed and g-force and where you are...so in other words we are always being watched! And if you go too fast it tells you to slow down...it is actually pretty funny. But while they were being installed on our cars, President and Sister Hermansen talked to us about the Mission President’s seminar they went to the week prior. It was interesting to hear some of the things that the church is going to be focusing on. Like the bookend talks from General Conference were about fasting and Sabbath-day observance, and how that is going to be the focus church-wide. The General Authorities also want to have more smaller stakes and wards instead of lots of bigger ones. I found that interesting.

We haven’t had the chance to meet with Jared this week, but I am very grateful for his deep desire to know about the gospel, and the really deep questions that he asks. It has forced me to study the Bible more, and get to know the New Testament better. I studied the talk "The Blueprint of Christ’s church" and that has helped me so much! It is a great talk. I have also come to love the Bible Dictionary. It is such a great, underused resource.

The fence BEFORE
We helped an older guy rebuild his fence that blew down a while ago.  We did the whole works…poured a little cement and everything! Or I should say that I rebuilt the fence…Elder Krey was at the temple with a new member that he helped to teach, so I was with two other missionaries.  I asked two missionaries that are really struggling right now to come and help me build it.  They didn’t do anything haha – but it was all good.  We had fun and I wanted to get to know them better – and you all know that I love building things, so it
The fence AFTER
(not too bad...if I do say so myself!)
was fun. I uploaded some pictures before and after.

Well, that’s about all for this week!!! I am excited to talk to you guys on Sunday, and Happy Early Mothers Day Mom!!! I love and miss all of you!!

Elder Richman Dawg

P.S. I want to pick back up the guitar when I get back home...Jared played it for us the other day and it made me want to play again!! So definitely going on my bucket list of things when I get home!

Elder Dalton goes home this transfer :(

With Elder Johnson at MLC

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