Week 35 - Being a Seamstress and an Assistant to the President!

Four of us AP's...getting the mission ready for the handoff from
President Hermansen to President Chesnut on July 1st.
May 18, 2015
Howdy YALL!!!

Just kidding, I haven't turned into THAT big of a hick.....YET!

But how is life?!? Life here in Cold Springs is good...but COLD! It has been chilly this past week, and we have gotten a TON of rain lately, which is good because we need it, but it is not favorable for us as missionaries...but it’s all good!

Four AP's
So yes, the biggest news is that I was called to be an Assistant to the President last Monday. President Hermansen had Elder Krey and I come into his office, along with his other two Assistants and told us what the deal was. So next transfer there will actually be 4 of us assistants, because the current two assistants go home with President...which is THIS transfer!!! I can't believe it. President has to be moved out of his house by June 27th....about a month or so away! I can't believe it. I am sure it will be a big shock for him, too. But President called myself and Elder Freeman, a Zone Leader from Sparks to be his next Assistants. We will be in a foursome next transfer, so the two of us new AP’s can get the hang of being an AP as well as learn our new area. The biggest thing that the Assistants do is help with transfer planning...which is actually a lot of fun! We had one 4-hour planning session on Saturday to get us started, and we will be planning more Tuesday-Friday this week from 10-5 everyday. It’s fun to be a part of moving everyone around and figuring everything out...it is certainly right up my alley!  Basically I won't be doing much proselyting this week. But I am excited to be an Assistant at this time, for the handoff between President Hermansen and President Chestnut, and to be a part of all the action.

I am bummed, however to be leaving Cold Springs...Dad was right when he said that I will be just as sad when I leave Cold Springs as when I left Sun Valley! I have grown to know the ward and love the new families we are working with, especially all the new ones we have found! There will probably be about 15 baptisms or so in the next few months, assuming a few of these families pan out. But oh well, I am also excited for the ward that I will be serving in, I know there is plenty of work to do there back in Sparks!

So an update on the beloved Cema...she MOVED to Las Vegas!!!!! :(  She got the news that her daughter's apartment lease was up, and so they both had to go back to Vegas. So unfortunately we don't know what has become of her since...but it was such an amazing experience for me to be there when her story was told, I will certainly never forget it.

Exchanges with Elder Corry and Elder Adams.
Elder Corry is from the Oakton Stake - and knows
Hadley Powers!!
So I went on exchanges with Elder Corry and Elder Adams this week, and Elder Corry is from the Oakton stake! And it turns out that he knows Hadley Powers, and he was at all of the NYE dances too! Small world.

I got your package Mom, thanks for all of the goodies!! Always fun to get packages. Please send all mail from now on to the mission office...1146 Prater Way Sparks, NV 89431...I will be spending lots of time there now haha.

One thing I did not expect when I turned in my papers last year was that I was going to turn into a seamstress! Holy cow I feel like every spare moment I am sewing something...from pants to buttons on shirts to ties...I've done it all! And I have to be quite honest, I have gotten quite good at doing it! You would all be very proud of the job I did on my jeans, I got a huge hole right on my crotch, but now you can't even tell!!!

Well, that's about it this week. I am excited to take on my new calling as an Assistant, partially because it means that I need to step it up myself. Being an Assistant is a huge role, and the whole mission looks up to us, and so I think this calling will truly help me become the best missionary that I can possibly be, and I know that who the Lord calls, he qualifies, which is comforting to know.

I love you guys!!! You guys are awesome, and you all truly inspire me to work harder and be the best person that I can be. I appreciate all that you do for me, especially all of the prayers that are said on my behalf...I couldn't do it without them.

Have a great week!

Elder Todd

p.s. Exciting about Brandon Scott's mission call, he emailed me and told me too...Madrid, Spain!  Awesome.

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