Week 54 - Transfers Here We Go!

September 28, 2015
Hey guys!!

It sounds like you took care of the snakes, but you’ve moved onto the other critters living in the BBQ.  Dad was right in his letter to me that we should just open our own Zoo in the backyard! We have it all. And Nathan's growing so tall he can step in for the giraffes – haha.

Making transfer calls in the office
So another week of transfer planning in the books! We spent all of last week in the office planning for this next 6 weeks. I can't believe it's already that time again, time is FLYING. It’s crazy…but also exciting! I love transfers; it is always lots of fun. We started out planning by fasting on Tuesday, and our fasting certainly helped because like right off the bat we were able to figure everything out and have all the areas/companionships/cars figured out. But then one of our visa waiters got their visa on Thursday...so we went back to the board and made a bunch of changes. We finalized all the plans and did our final review with President on Friday afternoon, and it seemed like things were ready to rock and roll, until President called us Saturday night and said “Elders I'm not feeling too comfortable with a companionship we have together.  We need to make some changes…lets meet tomorrow at my office after church.” So yesterday we spent a few more hours in the office deciding how best to place the missionaries we have. But we FINALLY got it all figured out just in time to send everything out to the Zone Leaders last night. 

It is an interesting process to plan for the transfer, and there are lots of things to consider. But I've learned that the Lord ALWAYS provides. There have been a few times where we have like one or two missionaries to place, and we are just stumped! But then we pray and the Lord helps us figure out what is the best possible situation. And of course, we couldn’t' do it with out our inspired President, President Chesnut! He is hilarious. As we work with him more and more and get to know each other better, I can see his true personality come out, it is great. He is a ton of fun to work with. 

With Dan...this guy is hilarious!
This week we were at the home of a person who recently joined the church, (his name is Dan), and we were teaching him about the temple, because he has almost been a member a year, and this next month he is going to be able to go through the temple for the first time. But he is a really funny character, and he just randomly in the middle of our lesson said, "Man, I just can't wait for the resurrection. But if you think you've waited in a long line at Wal-mart before...you're in for a surprise!" Haha we got a good laugh out of that. 

Selfie with Isaac
We also had a really funny dinner with an older couple in our ward...they are pretty old and they were just forgetting everything! They couldn't find the rolls that the wife had prepared for us, and her husband found them still in the freezer, frozen solid in a plastic bag! So he stuck them in the microwave in the bag and we had plastic-flavored rolls for dinner...hopefully no serious diseases come from that haha!! And then as we were leaving she gave us a bag of cookies and said, "Here are some cookies that I made just a few days ago!" and Elder Freeman asked, "What kind of cookies are they?" and she said, "I think Chocolate chip!" I opened the bag and took one whiff and realized they were peanut butter, and there was no chocolate in them....and then I said, "I think they are peanut butter!" And her response: "Well maybe, your guess is as good as mine!" We got a kick out of that, too. I love old people, I am just glad that I still have a few years before that is me...!

One thought that has been on my mind the past few weeks comes from the Stake President of the Ely Nevada stake. He attended a portion of our Zone Conference in Ely, and he spoke briefly on the concept of sacrifice. And he made an interesting point that I had never thought of...that everything we do in life we sacrifice.  When we make a bad choice, we sacrifice the blessings that would've come if we hadn't have chosen it. Take the Word of Wisdom for example...if we choose to smoke cigarettes, we are sacrificing our healthy body. The reverse is true, too, when we make a good choice, we have to sacrifice something. Like studying the scriptures regularly....we give up a little bit of our time, but we make that sacrifice because it is worth it, and we know that the blessings that come from regular scripture study FAR out-weigh the things we could get done in the short amount of time. One thing I have learned on my mission is that the "Why" behind the things we do is so important. If we invite someone to come to church, but don't explain WHY it is so important, then they are never going to want to come and get out of bed early and sit in a church for 3 hours. But when we explain the blessings we get in return, anyone is crazy for NOT going to church.

The Lord has promised us that he WILL bless us when we do as he asks...

"I, the Lord, am bound when ye do what I say; but when ye do not what I say, ye have no promise." - D&C 82:10.

So the decision weighs on us...are we willing to sacrifice the little bit of time in order to receive a huge mountain of blessings? Or are we going to sacrifice the blessings just to get our little bit of time back?  If we "might" go to church, or we “might” pay our tithing, or we "might" keep the commandments, then we "might" receive a blessing. But if we WILL go to church, and we WILL pay our tithing, and we WILL keep the commandments, then we WILL receive a blessing. I know for me and my future family, if we will keep the commandments, and we will be obedient to everything, then I know for a fact that we WILL be blessed...that is the only way to go!  

I have attached two maps of our mission that I think are pretty cool. One shows our mission and is broken down by wards and stakes; the other is just a big overview of our western area. We have one of the biggest missions in the US land-wise...I think it is the 5th biggest as of now. Of course, most of our mission is nothing but sagebrush, but oh well, it's still the best mission in the world!

Well, that's about it until next week. I am excited for transfer day tomorrow, it is always an action-packed day that is lots of fun. Being a missionary is the best calling ever! I am grateful for the time I have.

I love you guys! Have a great week!!

Elder Todd 

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